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If you want to enjoy the nature, we will take the mountain trails. Ride through hollows and cypress local forest and olive groves  .   

Choice 1: 

1 hour: Riding around the farm.

Choice 2:

1.5 or 2: Riding to Drogarati cave.

Choice 3:

3 hours: Riding to the pre-earthquake villages.

Choice 4: 

4 hours: Riding to Melissani cave and Drogarati cave.

Choice 5:

5 hours: Riding to Sami beach, Melissani cave and Drogarati cave.

Winter Hours (Sept. 15 - April 30):

Daily 08.00am - 05.00pm


Summer Hours (May 1 - Sept. 15):

07.30am - 11.00am and 05.30pm - 09.00pm         

We are closed on Sundays yearround.                          




50€ for a single booking per hour

35€ each per hour

40€ each per hour for July and August

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