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If you want to enjoy the surrounding nature, we take the mountain trails across a vast area. Ride through hollows and cypress local forest and olive groves.   


The meeting time is 30 minutes before start time.


Choice 1: 

About 1 hour : Riding around the farm.

It is a nice opportunity To come close to a small part of the interior of Kefalonia in a short time.

Difficulty level  Beginners, Intermediates, Experienced

( Start time 05:30pm)

35€ per person

50€ for a single ride

Choice 2:

 About 1,5 or 2 hours : Riding to Drogarati cave.


This trail passes through the cave. We have the opportunity to make a sort stop to visit the riders the cave and after continue towards the interior of the nature around us  or after your request we can continue without to stop.

Difficulty level  Beginners, Intermediates, Experienced

( Start time after  your request)

1.5 hours: €50 per person.

                 €50 for a single ride.

2 hours :   €70 per person

                 €100 for a single ride.

Choice 3:

About 3 .5 hours : Riding to the Pre-seismic villages.

This trail is suitable for riders who wants to see the area from above because it has a very good view also the trail passes through the ancient villages. We have the opportunity to see this villages As they were before 1953 and before their Inhabitants abandoned them.

Difficulty level  Intermediates, Experienced

( start time 05.30pm)

€100per person

 no single ride


Choice 4: 

 About 4.5 hours : Riding to Melissani and Drogarati cave.

 We offer the opportunity of an alternative idea visiting the caves and this is the  horse back riding. We will ride  throug trail With a view of the surrounding area where we'll wait for you in the parking of the caves to admire them and we'll return back to the farm.

Difficulty level Intermediates, Experienced

( start time 07.30 a.m.)

€140 per person

 no single ride

Winter Hours (Sept. 15 - April 30):

Daily 08.00am - 05.00pm


Summer Hours (May 1 - Sept. 15):

07.30am - 11.00am and 05.30pm - 09.00pm         

We are closed on Sundays yearround.     


weight limit 95 kilos.                    


For canter please message us.

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