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We offer an Overnight Stay trek, or a 3 Day Trek. View the itinerary for each option below.

Difficulty level   Experienced


Overnight Stay Trek:

160 € per person

3 Night Stay Trek:

600 € per person


  • Camping equipment.

  • 1 meal barbecue at Farm at the end of the trail.

  • Guided tour of the culture of the regions we visit.


We start at 6 pm and go for a swim on the beach of Sami with crystal-clear blue water. Then we go for a tour on Lake of Melissani. Leaving there we climb 300m higher to see the pre-earthquake villages and arrive at the location for our overnight stay. Theres a good spot to grill there. The next morning we visit the Cave of Drogarati and return back at 10 am.


Day 1: 8 hours


7.00am we prepare the horses we start, heading for the caves of the area Drogarati and Melisani lake cave. Αfter a three-hour stop for a snack we visit the pre-seismic villages of Sami Valley and we end up overnight at a location completely isolated with dinner for ourselves and the horses.


Day 2: 8 hours


We start heading west of Sami οur destination is the village (Demoutsandata) where we will be overnight on a traditional farm.

We ascend 550 meters altitude.


Οn the way we will pass by thaws with ebony olives through from the canyon of Kelos of Sami Valley. The view from there is excellent. We see Ithaca, Central Greece east and west the rest of the island (valley of Omala, Argostoli,Lixori).


In valley of Omala we can visit the robola cooperative for a guided tour and the monastery of St. Gerasimos. The path passes through the robola vineyards. 

In the afternoon we visit the ancient city of Krani next to Argostoli with great views of the lagoon Koutavos. We then retreat back to the farm for our dinner.


Day 3: 6 hours


We start again from the traditional farm in Demoutsandata to the castle of St. George and after a short tour we begin our return to Sami on the same route


We arrive at the farm in the afternoon.


During the trip we will go through landscapes with olives, beeches, oak trees, we will encounter flocks of goats and sheep. From villages with cafes which serve traditional delicacies.

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