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I am a riding teacher specializing in battered horses. In the farm I combine my love for horses and local breeds of Greek horses with rural life. I train my own horses by adjusting my approach to each horse in proportion to its abilities, but also with certainty respecting their freedom.


Greek Horse Races have been in Greece for the past 10,000 years. They have an altitude of between 135 and 165 cm depending on the breed.

They are particularly friendly with humans at a point where they are looking for human contact. We have 8 such horses, many of which are our breeding on the basis of the original characteristics of each breed.


Our goal is to combine the tradition and culture of Kefalonia with tourism. For this purpose, we have developed a large number of routes accessible by all. From horse riding to our nearby 2-hour beach to a three-day drive during which you have the chance to see to smell listening to and learning about the past and present of Kefalonia. Individual tours can be planted together.Dont be shy just ask.

We only organize private teams in our excursions. We believe the organization of equestrian routes with the participation of people unknown among them gives the activity a character of industrialization.

Me and my team are here to serve you everyday all year long except  Sundays.

From May to September 15 and 07: 30-11.00 & 05: 30-09: 00pm

And from 15 September to 30 April and hours 08: 00 - 05.00pm


So please if you are a group of friends or a family etc up to 6 people be sure that we will provide you  an experience designed for you only.




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